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  Therapeutic Massage
  and Zen Shiatsu

Hawten Slaton, 

Licensed Massage Therapist
Registered in State of Colorado
Serving Northern Colorado Since 1995

Office Location (NEW location as of 9-1-14):
524 Locust Grove Drive
Fort Collins, Co 80521   see map

Cell: 970-690-5527
Office: 970-581-7232

Appointments Days, Nights, Weekends!
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2 hours - $120

1 1/2 hours - $90

1 Hour + 15 minutes - $75

1 hour - $60

1/2 hour - $40

Massage Packages available at special prices.

Chair Massage offered at special prices - 30 minutes for only $30. Contact me if you would like chair massage at your office, starting at only $15.

Payment options - Cash, Check, Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)


Therapeutic Services:

  • Massage Therapy  
  • Deep Tissue - NMT (Neuromuscular Therapy)  
  • Relaxation Massage 
  • Chair Massage - in my office or your location 
  • Aromatherapy Massage - with therapeutic essential oils  
  • Zen Shiatsu   
  • Ashiatsu Massage 
  • Reiki Energy Work   

My services include Therapeutic Massage for pain relief, stress relief, energy balancing and relaxation. I have over 19 years experience working with clients who have neck pain, back pain, frozen shoulder, Plantar Fasciatis, headaches, high stress, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, leg cramps, shin splints and many more conditions. Helping my clients feel their best is my goal.

Previous Therapist at Poudre Valley Health System for five years offering chair massage to doctors, nurses, staff, patients, Aspen Club members and visitors.




"Thank you, Hawten! I came to you at a time that I was in a great deal of muscular-skeletal pain and was not finding answers or help anywhere else. You individualized your treatment and varied what you did for me based on my need each and every time. You concerned yourself with my pain and taught me things I could do at home and outside my massage time. I truly felt your experience and expertise in your massage technique. I felt very comfortable with you and your personality, never feeling exposed or awkward. You helped me with my pain and my attitude so much more than my chiropractor and medical doctors. Thank you again!  Melissa –S. 

“I have gone to Hawten for a monthly massage since 2008, he is a great massage therapist.  His massages range from relaxing to highly therapeutic depending on the situation; he also brings the component of energy work to his practice, which I very much appreciate.”  -Kerrie Abbott

“A few years ago I suffered from
 Frozen Shoulder, a condition that the medical community told me would probably just go away in about 9 months. I went to see Hawten for therapeutic massage and working with Hawten and a local acupuncturist, I was able to have full use of my shoulder in a matter of weeks rather than months.  I highly recommend Hawten Slaton as a massage therapist.”  -Tod Phillips

"Hawten has been my massage therapist for 13 years. He communicates very well and is able to give me the therapy that I need. He is not a 'cookie cutter'/same routine massage therapist. He is very knowledgeable and flexible. I am always impressed at the various continuing education opportunities he takes advantage of and incorporates into his treatments. For the last two years I have been seeing him for Ashiatsu, a powerful technique that leaves me energized and loose. As a weight lifter I find that the acupressure techniques combined with myofascial release has been one of the best ways to recover from workouts. The energy work aspect of it is phenomenal. I suffer from fibromyalgia and his therapy has allowed me to continue functioning these last 13 years allowing enough recovery to start working out again. He has also given me the emotional support needed during trying times. A true holistic practitioner who I cannot recommend highly enough!"

 "Hawten is a very intuitive practitioner and has proven to be very experienced healer by using a variety of techniques during each session, for each muscle group.  He is always one step ahead of my mind - instead of quietly hoping the therapist will work on a specific area, he is already there.  Spot-on with pressure and very tuned in to the different layers and their response to his technique.  During the hour-massage I find peace - it quiets my mind, I get lost in the relaxation, I breathe deeply.  Each session is a wonderful gift to myself and my soul."
– Julie-G.  

"I have had various types of bodywork done, including Neuromuscular therapy, Muscle Activation Therapy, Reflexology, and Deep Tissue Massage. I came to Hawten completely fatigued, with adrenal exhaustion, and high anxiety and stress. He loves what he does and has an deep, intuitive focus as he uses various holds and movements with his hands and feet. I was a bit nervous about having someone use his feet on my back, but he applies just the right amount of pressure with pinpoint accuracy. Two or three hours later, I felt centered, relaxed, and completely at peace. If you've never had Ah-Shiatsu work done, I would highly recommend you set up an appointment with Hawten. A+++" --Todd V.  


Therapist Information:

I am an independent distributor for
Young Living® Essential Oils. Please call me for more information on how essential oils can benefit you and your family.

Member of The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy

Graduate of Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 1995

Member of National Association of Massage Therapists