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What is Ashiatsu?

Ashiatsu is a form of shiatsu that utilizes the therapist’s feet for medium to deep pressure massage to promote health and well-being.  It is can relieve muscle pain and at the same time is deeply relaxing. Through working the acupressure meridians in the body it can help balance a person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; bringing awareness to all these areas. Stretching and joint opening round out the session and help move energy through the body.

Your Ashiatsu session

Please come to your session in comfortable clothing: T-shirt, sweats, yoga pants or shorts. Please no buttons, zippers or slick clothing.

Your session is performed on a soft futon mat. Your session is customized to your comfort level of medium to deep pressure. It is never painful, but sometimes 'hurts so good'..

Benefits of Ashiatsu

·          Stress relief 

·          Deep relaxation 

·          Relieves headaches and Migraines 

·          Moves blocked energy or Chi 

·          Loosens tight muscles 

·          Increased range of motion 

·          Relieves painful muscles 

·          Strengthens immune system 

·          Brings emotional balance 

·          Feels Great! 


A testimonial:

"I have had various types of bodywork done, including Neuromuscular therapy, Muscle Activation Therapy, Reflexology, and Deep Tissue Massage. I came to Hawten completely fatigued, with adrenal exhaustion, and high anxiety and stress. He loves what he does and has an deep, intuitive focus as he uses various holds and movements with his hands and feet. I was a bit nervous about having someone use his feet on my back, but he applies just the right amount of pressure with pinpoint accuracy. Two or three hours later, I felt centered, relaxed, and completely at peace. If you've never had Ah-Shiatsu work done, I would highly recommend you set up an appointment with Hawten. A+++" --Todd V.  


History of Ashiatsu 

Ashiatsu defined from the Japanese is Ashi (foot) and Atsu (Pressure). It is known about as far back as the 12th century and originates in India and Asia. It was practiced by various healers and especially monks in Asia who were only able to give bodywork through clothing.

Ashiatsu helps to balance the meridian or nerve energy system throughout the body. It has the unique ability to maintain a constant even pressure to our entire body. You can get deep tissue work without residual soreness often caused by other deep tissue techniques. Ashiats is deeply relaxing and can provide longer lasting effects, which include increased circulation and postural alignment. It is great for low back, hips, and shoulder and neck pain. Also a great therapy for athletes and those wanting medium to deep tissue work.