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What is Reiki Energy Work?  

Reiki is a Japanese touch therapy for relaxation and pain relief that also encourages healing. The therapist moves energy around a person’s body by placing the hands gently on the client’s fully clothed body. Reiki uses what is called universal life force to bring balance to the physical, mental, etheric bodies.  

Your Reiki Session 

A typical session usually last about one hour. You will lie down on massage table fully clothed. Aromatherapy can be requested before the session. Relaxing music is played or you can request a completely silent session. At the end of session you be given water. 

Benefits of Reiki

·         Deep relaxation 

·         Feelings of peace 

·         Balancing mind, body and spirit 

·         Grounding of all energies(focused not spacey) 

·         Strengthens your immune system 

·         Stress relief 

·         Feelings of serenity 

·         More energy 

·         Clarity of thoughts



History of Reiki

Reiki was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese teacher around 1922 while he was on a meditation retreat to Mt. Kurama. He went on to establish a Reiki society and to expand the concepts and the start training of others in this method. He started a clinic also that was very popular with the local Japanese after a major earthquake in Japan in 1923. The system of Reiki was brought to America by Mrs.Takata where she modified the way it was done in Japan and simplified it for the Western Student. For more information on Reiki and its history please go to http://www.reiki.org/faq/historyofreiki.html,